Raf O'Reilly

Founder & CEO

After a brief career as a magic circle city lawyer, Raf entered the world of conference production and events, going on to produce, manage and direct over 50 conferences on everything from sports and advertising law to reinsurance disputes and biotech patenting.

Raf then ran an international training business for over six years, offering training courses to employees of some of the world’s biggest companies from almost every corner of the globe. Again, the subject range was hugely diverse, encompassing international lending, asset management, project finance, derivatives and aviation finance to name but a few.

However, Raf's first love has always been sport. Having already built a major sports law and business event in the mid-late 2000s, featuring representatives from some of the world’s biggest brands, clubs, agencies, associations and governing bodies, the logical next step was to combine his passion and his skills.

SportGlobal Events is the result, combining events, law, business and sport with a mission to bring the sports law and business community together to increase commercial opportunities across sport and improve governance.

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